Populous Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The founder and data expert Stephen Williams had the idea for the Populous crypto currency after he had dealt with the blockchain for the first time. Previously, he was looking for ways to make invoice financing more secure and efficient. In his opinion, small and medium-sized companies in particular were not yet able to fully benefit from invoice financing. The market was dominated by large companies, banks and financial institutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises also need the money from open items for the immediate financing of sudden capital expenditures, wage payments or spontaneous, short-term investments.

Populous Coin Course – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin profit

And they can handle even less than large companies when customers take long to pay invoices and these delays have a negative impact on Bitcoin profit. Entering the invoice finance market gives SMEs more opportunities to put themselves in a better financial Bitcoin profit position.

For some time now, peer-to-peer based financing and credit platforms have been established that have more appealed to small and medium-sized enterprises. The invoice finance industry has been growing for years, and Stephen Williams believes that almost half of SMEs suffer from cash flow default problems. With this Coin it would like to open a further market place, which makes also small and middle enterprises possible the account financing.

After the idea of using the blockchain to introduce a global and decentralized market for invoices was born, Stephen Williams organized the first ICO to finance the project and gathered more employees around him. Since then the Populous Coin development has been running. An Alpha and Beta ran in November 2017, where some functions of the blockchain were already tested. At the same time, Luxure Global Citizen announced a partnership, a company trading with Rolls-Royce and Cartier, among others.

Populous Coin – advantages and disadvantages

The project is definitely still very young. It is still very difficult to make a forecast for the stock markets. In any case, you can’t blame the team for not thinking the whole concept through. The Populous crypto currency seems unusual, but the coin has the advantage of not being confronted with an overcrowded market. The coin has its own niche, doesn’t try to compete with other crypto currencies or even to displace them. Unless any other digital currency wants to profit from invoice sales, the populous crypto currency has nothing to fear. This also gives the coin a certain stability, as well as the fact that the coin is exchanged for Fiat money instead of being mined.

The actual success of the crypto currency then depends entirely on how much Stephen Williams and the team can put his vision into practice. And how the market for invoice sales will develop. There is some potential. It should be noted that the populous platform Token is merely a token that is to be exchanged for the coin, which is then actually used in the network. One can hold the Populous platform tokens and speculate that interest in the platform will grow. Since the amount of PPT’s is limited and you can’t mine them, this remains the only reason to invest in them.

The populous-Coin course is still quite manageable, because it is a very young coin. In October the price per coin was about 2 Euro. Many other crypto currencies started with much lower values. Already in November the price rose and reached up to 10 Euro per coin. This trend continued, at the beginning of December the price continued to quote 10 Euro and then jumped to 20 Euro and then 30 Euro per coin. Before Christmas, the crypto currency gave all investors a gift of 40 euros per token. Thereafter, the price fluctuated consistently between 30 and 40 euros. Since the project is still at an early stage, one can conclude from these upward movements that a forecast for 2018 looks quite promising.

Create Populous Wallet
An official Populous Wallet exists so far only in form of a Web Wallet on the website of the developers. The coin is an ERC-20 token, which is based on the blockchain of Ethereum, so you can use any wallet as a populous wallet, which can store Ethereum based coins. MetaMask or the official wallet of Ethereum, called MyEtherWallet, is a good choice. Both have to be downloaded from their websites and then installed. Installation should be possible with any operating system.

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