Wall Street battle begins: Morgan Stanley enters crypto market

Morgan Stanley is preparing to enter the crypto market in the hope of beating Wall Street competition and leaving long-time rival Goldman Sachs behind, says an anonymous insider.

Morgan Stanley accelerates entry into the Bitcoin code

According to an interview with an anonymous Morgan Stanley insider published by SludgeFeed, Morgan Stanley is in the process of adding Bitcoin code to its trading products. Their goal is to create a trading desk for institutional traders, ICOs and arbitrage, ahead of Goldman Sachs or one of the other major financial institutions.

The source claims that Morgan Stanley actively consults with managers and hedge funds that already have money in the crypto space and focus on “companies that are capable of expanding their current portfolios rather than starting from scratch”.

The anonymous source continues:


The race is on the Bitcoin trader

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman told CNBC’s Squawk Box last week that consideration was being given to creating a Bitcoin trader Exchange, which had the effect of Bitcoin trader reaching an all-time high on the CboE as institutional money flowed into the market.

Goldman Sachs has pointed out that it will set up its own crypto currency desk and has recently filled its first high-ranking crypto position. The company hired Justin Schmidt, a former trader, as vice president and head of Digital Asset Markets in Goldman’s securities division. The bank plans to launch its platform by the end of summer 2018.

London’s largest bank, Barclays, has even given indications that it will open its own crypto-desk after rumours of a possible partnership with Goldman Sachs.

Wall Street’s move into the crypto currency market seems inevitable as institutional investors are willing to invest money. The number of crypto hedge funds has increased eightfold since 2016, but remains limited by the possibilities, as no bank has yet occupied the niche of crypto services, which will change by the end of 2018.

Populous Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The founder and data expert Stephen Williams had the idea for the Populous crypto currency after he had dealt with the blockchain for the first time. Previously, he was looking for ways to make invoice financing more secure and efficient. In his opinion, small and medium-sized companies in particular were not yet able to fully benefit from invoice financing. The market was dominated by large companies, banks and financial institutions. Small and medium-sized enterprises also need the money from open items for the immediate financing of sudden capital expenditures, wage payments or spontaneous, short-term investments.

Populous Coin Course – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin profit

And they can handle even less than large companies when customers take long to pay invoices and these delays have a negative impact on Bitcoin profit. Entering the invoice finance market gives SMEs more opportunities to put themselves in a better financial Bitcoin profit position.

For some time now, peer-to-peer based financing and credit platforms have been established that have more appealed to small and medium-sized enterprises. The invoice finance industry has been growing for years, and Stephen Williams believes that almost half of SMEs suffer from cash flow default problems. With this Coin it would like to open a further market place, which makes also small and middle enterprises possible the account financing.

After the idea of using the blockchain to introduce a global and decentralized market for invoices was born, Stephen Williams organized the first ICO to finance the project and gathered more employees around him. Since then the Populous Coin development has been running. An Alpha and Beta ran in November 2017, where some functions of the blockchain were already tested. At the same time, Luxure Global Citizen announced a partnership, a company trading with Rolls-Royce and Cartier, among others.

Populous Coin – advantages and disadvantages

The project is definitely still very young. It is still very difficult to make a forecast for the stock markets. In any case, you can’t blame the team for not thinking the whole concept through. The Populous crypto currency seems unusual, but the coin has the advantage of not being confronted with an overcrowded market. The coin has its own niche, doesn’t try to compete with other crypto currencies or even to displace them. Unless any other digital currency wants to profit from invoice sales, the populous crypto currency has nothing to fear. This also gives the coin a certain stability, as well as the fact that the coin is exchanged for Fiat money instead of being mined.

The actual success of the crypto currency then depends entirely on how much Stephen Williams and the team can put his vision into practice. And how the market for invoice sales will develop. There is some potential. It should be noted that the populous platform Token is merely a token that is to be exchanged for the coin, which is then actually used in the network. One can hold the Populous platform tokens and speculate that interest in the platform will grow. Since the amount of PPT’s is limited and you can’t mine them, this remains the only reason to invest in them.

The populous-Coin course is still quite manageable, because it is a very young coin. In October the price per coin was about 2 Euro. Many other crypto currencies started with much lower values. Already in November the price rose and reached up to 10 Euro per coin. This trend continued, at the beginning of December the price continued to quote 10 Euro and then jumped to 20 Euro and then 30 Euro per coin. Before Christmas, the crypto currency gave all investors a gift of 40 euros per token. Thereafter, the price fluctuated consistently between 30 and 40 euros. Since the project is still at an early stage, one can conclude from these upward movements that a forecast for 2018 looks quite promising.

Create Populous Wallet
An official Populous Wallet exists so far only in form of a Web Wallet on the website of the developers. The coin is an ERC-20 token, which is based on the blockchain of Ethereum, so you can use any wallet as a populous wallet, which can store Ethereum based coins. MetaMask or the official wallet of Ethereum, called MyEtherWallet, is a good choice. Both have to be downloaded from their websites and then installed. Installation should be possible with any operating system.

Where you can

QASH Token Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the project took shape as early as 2014, further milestones have yet to be reached on the way to the finished platform. For example, the developers still have to negotiate with the exchange exchanges to make it possible to process the transactions via QUOINE. Will they have any interest in it at all? The team is optimistic and emphasizes that it is already connected to various online trading centers. The Korean swap exchange Binance is trying something similar by concentrating on small and rather unknown old coins. There is certainly no lack of competition. Gemini and Coinbase specialize in buying crypto currencies with fiat money. Bancor’s blockchain can be used to freely convert ERC20 tokens (including the QASH crypto currency) and could become a serious threat.

A legitimate question is what incentive the developers want to provide to buy the QASH token. The crypto currency has only limited functions. On the page the developers describe how the crypto currency becomes the preferred coin for financial services, similar to Bitcoin. How they imagine this remains unclear. Later, the token is to become a general means of payment. An own QASH Wallet does not exist yet. Nevertheless, the course has not developed badly so far. Probably one must still give some time to the development and the team. The idea has its advantages and the team looks professional and already has a background in the field of trading crypto currencies.

QASH Token Course – Development – Forecast of the Bitcoin revolution

The QASH crypto currency started with the Bitcoin revolution at a value of 50 cents in late November 2017 on the stock markets. At the end of the month, the QASH token price rose to over 1 euro per coin and then fell to 50 cents in the first few days of December. For a short time, the value of the token reached 1 euro again in the middle of the month. Until the end of the year, the Bitcoin revolution price remained at around 70 cents.

January 2018 was a particularly successful month for the crypto currency. For several days, the exchange rate reached around 2 euros per coin. Towards the end of the month, the price sank again to 1 euro, in February even lower to below 1 euro.

With such a young crypto currency, it is difficult to make an exact forecast. The token development has been running since 2014, but it is not yet possible to say how the token will behave on the stock markets. Until the platform is officially finished, the price will probably behave like most crypto currencies, lose value and gain value again.

Create QASH Wallet with the Ethereum code

There is no own QASH wallet with Ethereum code yet. Instead one can fall back on wallets which can store ERC20 tokens. The MyEtherWallet is recommended in this respect. On the MyEtherWallet page you first have to enter a new password and then click on “Create New Wallet”. You will get a Ethereum code keystore file and a private key, which you have to keep. You also get the address of the wallet. You have to send a small amount of ether to this address to activate the MyEtherWallet.

Where can I buy the QASH token?
There are a few exchanges where you can buy the QASH tokens. The exchange against Bitcoin or Ethereum offers itself on Huobi, Bitfinex, Qryptos or Gate. The purchase against Fiat currencies is possible on Quoine, Gate or Bitfinex.

Conclusion QASH Token
The idea of the QASH token has something for itself in any case and the team behind it is very sure of its cause. However, it will be a while before the full potential of QUOINE can be seen and at the same time you have to keep an eye on the competition. Other blockchain projects have also recognised the problem of lack of liquidity.

Lawsuit against Roger Ver and Bitcoin.com

A “community movement” that has grown to over 600 people in just two days is taking legal action against Bitcoin.com and its owner, Roger Ver, for intentionally inducing new users to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin.com is undoubtedly an appreciated domain in the bitcoin area. It is likely that anyone interested in the world’s first and most valuable crypto currency will instinctively type it into their browser or immediately see it as a top result in a Google search.

The logos are not only very similar and even have the same color (the BCH logo is green on most platforms to avoid confusion), but Bitcoin.com is the only site called Bitcoin (BTC).

The name Bitcoin Core refers to the Bitcoin software client (also known as Satoshi client), which onlinebetrug was originally simply called “Bitcoin” but later renamed to distinguish it from the Bitcoin network and currency. Anyone not familiar with the difference between the two will probably be deceived.

One user wrote in the telegram group that it is like selling gold and giving customers a piece of coal instead. Earlier this week Bitcoin.com was changed to present Bitcoin Cash as the true Bitcoin. Especially the Block – Explorer has been changed to show bitcoin with BCH and Bitcoin Core (BTC) in the drop-down menu. Bitcoin Cash deliberately refrained from “cash” in order to refer to the “true” bitcoin.

This change has caused turmoil in the Bitcoin community. It was also a controversial topic within the Bitcoin Cash community, many of whom believe that Bitcoin Cash can compete on its own instead of trying to steal the name Bitcoin.

NEO and GAS | History and Information

NEO describes itself as an open network for a smart economic system. Digital identities, smart contracts and digital assets make up the “smart economy”.

What is NEO?

NEO was founded in 2014 and is a non-profit blockchain project. The young project has ambitious goals, the team wants to lead the traditional economy into the new age, the age of the “smart economy”.

NEO is often called China’s ethereum, as smart contracts are in the foreground. Trade, agreements and more can be made with smart contracts that can be written in any programming language.

What is “NEO Smart Economy”?

NEO is China’s first open source blockchain project. NEO serves as a platform for “smart assets”. Smart assets are a combination of blockchain technology and digital assets. All of this is handled by smart contracts that are efficient and legally protected by Blockchain technology.

Digital assets
Digital assets are programmable assets that are decentralized, transparent and traceable, trustworthy and free of third parties with the help of block chain technology. With NEO, users can trade and distribute different types of assets. Digital assets use digital identities that provide evidence of the links between digital and physical assets.

Digital Identities
This is information about a person or several persons or organizations that exist online. Certificates for digital identities confirm the existence and serve as secure proof. The system is based on the PKI standard (Public Key Infrastructure) X.509. Further compatible standards will follow.

Smart contracts
NEOs’ hobbyhorse are the smart contracts. Virtually all common programming languages can be used for smart contracts. In this way, developers from different areas can participate in the NEO ecosystem. The goal is that every developer can develop smart contracts quickly and easily.

The digital currency currently ranks among the top 10 of all crypto currencies. Maximum 100.000.000 Coins are available at NEO.

Buy NEO at HitBTC

With HitBTC* you can create a user account in just a few steps. Secure your account with two-factor authentication and a strong password!

HitBTC* does not require verification. Deposits and withdrawals are unlimited, regardless of verification.

You must deposit digital currencies into HitBTC to purchase NEO. The pairs BTC/NEO, ETH/NEO and USDT/NEO are offered. For a direct purchase of NEO you pay one of the crypto currency. However, you could also deposit another (faster and cheaper) crypto currency, exchange it for one of the pair possibilities and then buy NEO.

If you already own Bitcoin or any other currency, you can of course transfer it to HitBTC, exchange it for BTC, ETH or USDT and then buy NEO. If you do not yet have digital currencies or do not wish to exchange them, you can purchase digital currencies from these providers: