Lawsuit against Roger Ver and

A “community movement” that has grown to over 600 people in just two days is taking legal action against and its owner, Roger Ver, for intentionally inducing new users to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC). is undoubtedly an appreciated domain in the bitcoin area. It is likely that anyone interested in the world’s first and most valuable crypto currency will instinctively type it into their browser or immediately see it as a top result in a Google search.

The logos are not only very similar and even have the same color (the BCH logo is green on most platforms to avoid confusion), but is the only site called Bitcoin (BTC).

The name Bitcoin Core refers to the Bitcoin software client (also known as Satoshi client), which onlinebetrug was originally simply called “Bitcoin” but later renamed to distinguish it from the Bitcoin network and currency. Anyone not familiar with the difference between the two will probably be deceived.

One user wrote in the telegram group that it is like selling gold and giving customers a piece of coal instead. Earlier this week was changed to present Bitcoin Cash as the true Bitcoin. Especially the Block – Explorer has been changed to show bitcoin with BCH and Bitcoin Core (BTC) in the drop-down menu. Bitcoin Cash deliberately refrained from “cash” in order to refer to the “true” bitcoin.

This change has caused turmoil in the Bitcoin community. It was also a controversial topic within the Bitcoin Cash community, many of whom believe that Bitcoin Cash can compete on its own instead of trying to steal the name Bitcoin.

NEO and GAS | History and Information

NEO describes itself as an open network for a smart economic system. Digital identities, smart contracts and digital assets make up the “smart economy”.

What is NEO?

NEO was founded in 2014 and is a non-profit blockchain project. The young project has ambitious goals, the team wants to lead the traditional economy into the new age, the age of the “smart economy”.

NEO is often called China’s ethereum, as smart contracts are in the foreground. Trade, agreements and more can be made with smart contracts that can be written in any programming language.

What is “NEO Smart Economy”?

NEO is China’s first open source blockchain project. NEO serves as a platform for “smart assets”. Smart assets are a combination of blockchain technology and digital assets. All of this is handled by smart contracts that are efficient and legally protected by Blockchain technology.

Digital assets
Digital assets are programmable assets that are decentralized, transparent and traceable, trustworthy and free of third parties with the help of block chain technology. With NEO, users can trade and distribute different types of assets. Digital assets use digital identities that provide evidence of the links between digital and physical assets.

Digital Identities
This is information about a person or several persons or organizations that exist online. Certificates for digital identities confirm the existence and serve as secure proof. The system is based on the PKI standard (Public Key Infrastructure) X.509. Further compatible standards will follow.

Smart contracts
NEOs’ hobbyhorse are the smart contracts. Virtually all common programming languages can be used for smart contracts. In this way, developers from different areas can participate in the NEO ecosystem. The goal is that every developer can develop smart contracts quickly and easily.

The digital currency currently ranks among the top 10 of all crypto currencies. Maximum 100.000.000 Coins are available at NEO.

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